ArelPlus: Demo Day

ArelPlus: Demo Day Takes Place 

The assessment for the first term of ArelPlus Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre was carried out with the Demo Day held on 10th November in two different sections.

The opening ceremony that took place in Prof. Dr. Aziz SANCAR Amphitheatre at Istanbul Arel University Tepekent Campus began with Assist. Prof. Dr. Dilek GÖKSEL DURU, Director of ArelPlus Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre, introducing the Centre and delivering a speech on entrepreneurship. The event proceeded when the guest speaker Gülferi YILDIRIM, CEO of Dünyagöz Hospital Group, shared her own experiences as to how she managed to turn her dreams into ideas and her ideas into reality.

We would like to thank Ms. YILDIRIM for her attendance and sincerely sharing her experiences and knowledge in various topics such as the improvement of biomedical engineering in Turkey and the founding of Dünyagöz Hospital Group with young entrepreneurs to be. 

ArtıArel Demo GünüArtıArel Demo Günü

"Adding Value to Your Business Ideas"

On the very same day, a Board formed by specialists from the sector gathered to assess the business ideas submitted to the ArelPlus Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre inaugurated in May. Demo Day was attended by 6 entrepreneurs with 7 business ideas.

At the end of the Board’s meticulous assessment process, business ideas titled No Black and Enupel were deemed eligible to be included in the ArelPlus Incubation Programme. Other business ideas titled Lonnca, Tılsım, Surge and SorSat have been accepted to Pre-Incubation Programme.

From now on, all the physical infrastructure will be provided for the entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into products, services or projects. Within this physical structure, the entrepreneurs will be guided to create their business plans and do research by experienced specialists and will be equipped with all the trainings and consultancy services complimentarily by ArelPlus.

As the ArelPlus Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre, we would like to thank the entrepreneurs for their interest and wish them every success along the way.

 ArtıArel Demo Günü