Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Aziz SANCAR visits Istanbul Arel University

2015 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Prof. Dr. Aziz SANCAR met the students and academicians of Istanbul Arel University.

Prof. Dr. Aziz SANCAR, who has been conducting research on DNA repair for many years, shared his knowledge related to his recent studies in the field and talked about the process leading to the Nobel Prize.

Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Aziz SANCAR shared his success story during the conference “Nobel Talk by Aziz SANCAR”. He also shed some light on the molecular mechanisms of DNA repair processes on which he worked for 35 years, how the cells function, how and why cancer cells are formed and his work on the process of ageing.

“I owe a lot to my village institute graduate teachers and my teachers at the medical school. People ask me for advice on how to be successful. My advice is: work hard! But please do not engage in the Politics. Instead, indulge yourself in the basic sciences. Both basic sciences and applied sciences would get us as a country way ahead of Europe, America or any country around the world.” Stated Mr. SANCAR.   

Stating that he received one of his most valuable awards from Turkish workers in Sweden, Sancar added “I am a worker myself. It is written on my passport. One day early in the morning, I received a call congratulating me, telling me that I had been awarded with the Nobel Prize and to prepare myself as the press was going to be informed within half an hour. My dear friend Orhan BURSALI has always believed in my projects and encouraged me. After every research I conducted he would tell me that this time the Nobel Prize would be mine. Eventually, after around 35 years of studying, I got to earn the Nobel Prize. With the money I received for the prize, my wife Gwen SANCAR and I have established “Turkish House” in the USA. Our aim in establishing “Turkish House” is to introduce the Turkish culture and our great leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk to the people of America and rest of the world.  

A lecture hall with a capacity of 250 people at the Istanbul Arel University Tepekent Campus has been named “Aziz SANCAR Amphitheatre” at the ceremony. Mr. SANCAR gave the very first lecture at the hall named after him.

A Message from the Rector Mehmet ÇİVİ to Prof. Dr. Aziz SANCAR

Istanbul Arel University has hosted many distinguished guests in this hall during its 10 years of education so far. But today we have the honour of hosting a very distinctive and notable guest. It is a big honour and privilege for us as Istanbul Arel University, an important science centre, to welcome a scientist who has been awarded the Nobel Prize.

I would like to thank Aziz SANCAR and express my gratitude to him for being here. 

Honourable Mr. SANCAR,

This prize is only one of your many other contributions to our country

You stated that;

  • I owe my success to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and the Republic,
  • Nobel has been achieved thanks to Atatürk and the Republic

With these words, you have given a notable message to our people and the whole world. I would like to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and wish you every success in the future.
I assure you that from now on, the name “Aziz SANCAR” will be synonymous to the Nobel Prize and to ambition and hardworking. It will remind us of a patriot who has made many contributions to humanity. It will remind us of Atatürk and his great legacy; science, wisdom and the Republic.  

Many gratuities to you and to those who raised you!

Nobel ödüllü Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar, Arel Üniversitesi’nde öğrencilerle bir araya geldi.