Professionals are now in charge of medical institutions!

During the symposium titled "Educating the Future Healthcare Managers", experts and students came together to discuss the future of healthcare management.

Istanbul Arel University welcomed healthcare managers and future managers on 18 April 2017. During the symposium, with the theme "The Evaluation of Healthcare Management Education: Educating the Future Healthcare Managers", the future of healthcare managers was put under scrutiny. Prof. Dr. Refat Faikoğlu, Director of Istanbul Arel University School of Health Sciences and Prof. Dr. Ayşe Yüksel, Head of Department of Healthcare Management hosted the event that was had a great turnout with many hospital managers, academicians, foundation representatives and students attending.

Students' Request

Students strongly argued that medical institutions must be managed by the graduates of the Department of Healthcare Management, not by doctors. The speakers explained that prior to recent years healthcare management was not offered as a department at universities and thus doctors had to take part in the management of the institutions. However they agreed that healthcare management graduates should be in charge of the management of the health institutions and informed students that they would help see this through. Participants expressed their gratitudes to Istanbul Arel University for organising such a productive and enlightening event.

At the end of the symposium consisting of different sessions such as "Healthcare Management from the Perspective of Students and Graduates: How we educate and have been educated", "How We Educate Healthcare Management Students and Our Expectations of the Graduates" and "The Past, Present and Future of Healthcare Management Education", speakers were awarded plaques.

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